"Allie brings experience as a producer, director and editor to her first love, cinematography. Her ability to pre-vision a scene and offer suggestions to producers/directors on the fly, are two of the many assets that set her apart as a DP. She makes my job easier, especially under the most stressful of situations because she brings her "big picture" sensibility, resourcefulness and ingenuity."

  • Lisa McElaney, Director and former owner of Vida Health Communications

"I have worked with Allie over many years on a number of projects. She has a wonderful eye, the physicality to shoot beautifully in un-controlled verite situations, and the ability to blend into the shooting situation in a way that allows the “characters” to both welcome and not notice her with a camera in their midst. She is a pleasure to work with."

  • Robb Moss, Director, Harvard University Professor

“Allie is by far the most sensitive, resourceful and generous DP I have ever collaborated with. Even when faced with very limited means, she is able to create gorgeous frames that are layered but always true to the subject matter. In interview situations, she puts the talent at ease with her kind, warm manner. More than anything, Allie is the very definition of a team player: her focus on the needs of the project as a whole and the way she always covers my back make a huge difference when I'm in the field."

  • Patricia Garcia-Rios Producer/Director

“Allie’s been a collaborative partner whose contributions to our feature film inVisible have expanded possibilities in the cutting room and even deepened my vision of the film.. I'm grateful for her alertness to and adeptness at capturing moments and details. Allie brings enthusiasm, insight and camaraderie to the filmmaking process. I can’t recommend her more highly.”

  • James Rutenbeck, Director, Editor